Won&039;t be streaming tonight, been super tired today like I didn&039;t sleep at all. Make up day is Saturday! (This is not a today me photo lol) azubutv beampro hitbox pandoramonium restream restreamio streamme twitch youtubegaming ytgaming

Streaming Borderlands tonight at 8:30 pm Central time! http://www.twitch.tv/pandoramonium/ http://www.twitch.tv/pocky_fbtv/ Twitch videogames chaos pandoramonium kimberlybalduf cosplay glasses girlinglasses pinklips pinklipstick blueeyes @cmaner

(Read as Mr. Torque) Time to adventure again… in SPAAAACE! Watch our heroes Pandoramonium and Pocky_FBTV on Twitch as they play BorderlandsThePreSequel on their first ever playthrough of the gaaaame! Explosions! Space Lasers! Jumping really sloooowly! Falling just as slow! borderlands borderlands2 borderlandspresequel 2k 2kgaming steam streaming youtubegaming ytgaming ytred hitbox @cmaner

Come wade through toxic waters and shoot up mutant scum as  Kimberly (aka Pandoramonium) tries to save the world! Streaming on Twitch HitBox Restream.io and YouTubeGaming tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern). Be sure to say something in stream chat so you can interact as I play! My chat shows on screen as well so you&039;ll be visible across all streaming platforms! www.KimberlyBalduf.com/twitch ytgaming youtube gaming stream gamestreams gamergirl fallout falloutnv falloutnewvegas newvegas

Let&039;s ring in 2016 right! While playing video games and having a blast with your friends! We don&039;t have a video game line up, so we might leave that to you or just pick at random. But either way the chaos should be fun to watch! So grab your beverages of choice (because we certainly are) and pull up a chair so we can say goodbye to 2015 in style. http://www.twitch.tv/pandoramonium/ http://www.twitch.tv/pocky_fbtv/ Twitch videogames streaming chaos newyear newyearcelebration newyearscelebration pandoramonium kimberlybalduf cosplay glasses girlinglasses pinklips pinklipstick blueeyes bluehair drinks drinking celebrating @cmaner