I snuck into the control booth after our LiveTV show Fanservice and got a selfie with the equipment! Find out more: FanboyTV.com YouTube.com/FanboyTV

Took a selfie with lovenotesidols tonight on Fanservice ( FanboyTV)! anime dancing dancers livetv lovelive @lovenotesidols @fbtvstone

This is the moment when the mad get hatted. Episode to be online soon: http://www.YouTube.com/FanboyTV madhatter aliceinwonderland wereallmadhere FBTV Fanservice tophat hatter tv tvstudio tvshow livetv kale

Watch me (@KimberlyBalduf) tonight on FBTV&039;s show Fanservice! Tonight&039;s topic? Cosplay: Trials and Tribulations. We&039;ll be touching on the light and darkside of cosplay. On the lightside we&039;ll be discussing the why behind cosplay as well as how cosplay has become more mainstream over the years. What does it take to cosplay? How has cosplay evolved over time? On the dark side of things we will be touching on the elitist stereotype cosplayers can suffer from as well as certain aspects of the community that works against itself as a whole. Tune in tonight by watching us stream the show live at: https://www.austinpublicaccess.org/watch/streaming10 If you&039;re in Austin Texas you can watch us live on your television! Service providers Time Warner, Grande and ATT U-Verse If you don&039;t get to watch us on LiveTV, or want to watch us again? Everything is recorded and placed on our YouTube channel for later enjoyment! https://www.youtube.com/user/ClanOfTheFanboys television livetelevision KimberlyBalduf streaming streamingTV AustinTX ATX publicaccess

Found a good photo from last time I was in the FanboyTV studio and thought I&039;d share since I&039;m on vacation for a while to go to @houstoncomicpalooza this weekend! blonde Blondehair Redglasses Redlips fairytail tv Livetv AustinTexas Austin

Enjoying an after filming meal with Fanservice aka FanboyTV crew at Sherlock&039;s! Blonde, Blondehair, Blueeyes, FanboyTV, Glasses, Glassesgirl, Headphones, Live, Livetv, Music, Paintednails, Red, Redglasses, Redlips, Rednails, Television, TV

An extra shot while I was off camera yesterday (but still on live TV). fbtv FanBoyTV livetv television AustinTexas Austin channelaustin