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Watch me (@KimberlyBalduf) tonight on FBTV&039;s show Fanservice! Tonight&039;s topic? Cosplay: Trials and Tribulations. We&039;ll be touching on the light and darkside of cosplay. On the lightside we&039;ll be discussing the why behind cosplay as well as how cosplay has become more mainstream over the years. What does it take to cosplay? How has cosplay evolved over time? On the dark side of things we will be touching on the elitist stereotype cosplayers can suffer from as well as certain aspects of the community that works against itself as a whole. Tune in tonight by watching us stream the show live at: If you&039;re in Austin Texas you can watch us live on your television! Service providers Time Warner, Grande and ATT U-Verse If you don&039;t get to watch us on LiveTV, or want to watch us again? Everything is recorded and placed on our YouTube channel for later enjoyment! television livetelevision KimberlyBalduf streaming streamingTV AustinTX ATX publicaccess

Let&039;s ring in 2016 right! While playing video games and having a blast with your friends! We don&039;t have a video game line up, so we might leave that to you or just pick at random. But either way the chaos should be fun to watch! So grab your beverages of choice (because we certainly are) and pull up a chair so we can say goodbye to 2015 in style. Twitch videogames streaming chaos newyear newyearcelebration newyearscelebration pandoramonium kimberlybalduf cosplay glasses girlinglasses pinklips pinklipstick blueeyes bluehair drinks drinking celebrating @cmaner