I can get POTG even with cute kittens sleeping on my hands. Overwatch potg gaming videogames Blizzard junkrat @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard kittensofinstagram kittens Siamese siamesecat kitties kittiesofig

The car that started it all lol @overwatchtoday Overwatch dva Blizzard videogames bastion soldier76 pharah reaper widowmaker hanzo genji mccree

How super cool is this? We were shopping and since my car has DVA decals all over the back window, this was under my windshield wiper. I wish they put a name or battle tag on it. I think we&039;d be BFS. Overwatch dva Blizzard getwrecked videogames randomencounters Texas Austin roundrocktx bastion soldier76 pharah genji hanzo symetra

Working on 3dprinting Dva&039;s headset from Overwatch! I&039;ll be setting up a camera and computer on it going forward to stream whole prints, so stay tuned! overwatchcosplay cosplay cosplayprop cosplayer gamecosplay blizzard nerfthis props propshop

Finished streaming Overwatch, phone died shortly after taking this, was going to do a wrap up thank you, but this happened instead. https://www.twitch.tv/pandoramonium http://www.hitbox.tv/Pandoramonium https://gaming.youtube.com/c/KimberlyBalduf/live https://beam.pro/Pandoramonium/ https://www.stream.me/pandoramonium http://www.azubu.tv/Pandoramonium blueeyes brunette curlyhair gamer gamergirl geek geekygirl glasses glassesgirl lipstick makeup naturalmakeup nerd nerdygirl pc pcgamer redlips redlipstick selfie streamergirl transgender transgendered blizzard widowmaker dva mercy mei tracer

Booth photo with @spunkytasticdee! She&039;s dressed as her bloodelf character from worldofwarcraft and I&039;m dressed as gogotomago from BigHero6. bh6 bh6cosplay Disney blizzard comicpaloozacosplay Comicpalooza2015 Comicpalooza