Headed home, had fun interviewing indie game developers today! Leaving you with another photo from earlier. fantasticfest Austin AlamoDrafthouse

I will be, The Last Starfighter! fantasticfest Austin AlamoDrafthouse TheLastStarfighter

Awesome game on the big screen called "The floor is jelly", I so want to play that! fantasticfest Austin AlamoDrafthouse

Hanging out at FantasticFest today in Austin for FanBoyTV! Going to be doing some interviews a little later. If you&039;re here today reply and let me know!

Who wants to go see this with me?! evildead brucecampbell evildeadthemusical musical

Car&039;s in the shop, taking a walk in the hot Texas sun and enjoying the scenery. I think you can agree, is a beautiful day! clouds weather walking exercise Texas scenery

I woke up this morning and my baby girl Gasket was sleeping on my chest. cute cuteness pets cat cats kitten kittens calico calicosofinstagram gasket

I bought a red dress a while ago, just had to take it to a photoshoot! Be sure to leave a comment on how you like me in my red dress! ;3 cosplay cosplaying cosplayer costuming costume costumes crossplay glasses glassesgirl megane wig wigs Lipstick blueeyes model modeling photoshoot reddress

Riker was sleeping the other day, and started having little puppy dreams. I didn&039;t catch his little barks, but you can hear him trying in this video. cute cuteness pets dog dogs puppy puppies Yorkie Chorkie yorkiesofinstagram riker puppydreams sleepingpets

Sitting outside eating my lunch and this is the beautiful sunset that greets me. sunset nature sky

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