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Fished CarvingPumpkins finally! Some of these are mine, some are my wife&039;s. The super our one is hers. halloween halloweenprops halloweentime halloweendecorations halloweendecor pumpkincarving pumpkinpatch pumpkin pumpkindecor

CarvingPumpkins again! Made two new ones tonight. Going to paint them tomorrow. Far too late tonight. Halloween halloweenprops halloweendecorations halloweendecor halloweentime pumpkins pumpkincarving pumpkinpatch

My spooky pumpkin is done! My wife started carving one too, and we have another still to cut up! pumpkincarving pumpkins halloweendecorations Halloween halloweenprops halloweentime spooky

Done carving my pumpkin! Now time to paint it, since white isn&039;t so scary lol. jackolantern halloween halloweenprops halloweendecor halloweendecorations haunting

Sketching a scary face on the pumpkin that will be the head of my new Halloween lawn decoration. halloweenprops halloweendecor carvingpumpkins monster

3D print is almost done! I just need to wait for the inner part to finish up! I played around and took pictures on random things sound the house! It glows well under aquarium lights! bowsette bowsettecosplay supercrown boosette boosettecosplay supermario supermariobros

Guess what I&039;m 3D Printing today. :) I&039;ll give a hint, it&039;s cosplay related. 3dprinting 3dprinter

Stopping for a sweet treat! Trying a flavor called "The Tonight Dough" as a milkshake.

Having a blast at the last day of the TexasStateFair!! BigTex dallas dallastexas dallastx statefairoftexas weekend foodie

Making my halloween decorations! Not sure if this is going to be a lawn monster or a hidden scare. Made this armature after sketching it out after some self measurements. halloweenprops halloweendecor scary propmaking

Kiss fight!! kissfight fish aquarium SeaWorld

So many penguins!! At SeaWorld for the hallowscream event!

Our new kitty Nimbus is getting some shots today. He&039;s being such a good boy. Way better than me and shots! lol

When fruit pretends to be Skittles. melon funny groceryshopping

Foodie adventures with my sweetie! grille nashville pork porkchop chicken

We went to Lene&039;s Web, which is a part of my childhood. We&039;d always make a stop on each vacation,l. The one barn burn down sadly, but they rebuilt and had old photos on the wall of the previous barn. antiqueshopping antiques antiqueshop

More vacation photos from the Toledo Zoo! turtle turtles orangutans aquarium ToledoZoo @thetoledozoo

A photo from our stay in Ohio. It was Mayfly/ JuneBug season. I totally forgot how&039;s crazy this was. Houses, vehicles, everything coated in a "healthy" layer of these things. They also pop as you step on them and attach themselves to you if you&039;re slow. Swarms fly overhead like it&039;s the endofdays. bugs insects vacation apocalypse

Back in town where I grew up, stopped in at Dee&039;s for old time sake! louisaky louisa Kentucky hometown

Spending vacation with my family! Today we&039;re at the ToledoZoo! Toledo zoo vacation vacay animals family

Sorry austintx barbeque I cheated on you while I was in Memphis tennessee. Memphistn bbq atx Austin

Took a selfie with my nerdy things last night after streaming Forrnite! I was on Twitch, YouTubeGaming, and Mixer! gamergirl glassesgirl twitchstreamer brunette glasses manga anime figures

Luffy caught on to our barbeque! Quick, hide the meat! That force field won&039;t last forever! onepiece onepieceanime Luffy Nami Zorro chopper sanji goingmerry

Stopping off on our way home to enjoy some German food! We&039;re the only people here and we&039;re front row and the band is setting up, and they have an accordion! It&039;s like it&039;s all just for us lol! Germanfood walburg livemusic germanmusic Germany schnitzel

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